These 5 Listers Are Shaking Up Thailand's Tech Space

Names you should know in the digital and IT sphere

Panachit Kittipanya-ngam, IT Entrepreneur

The CEO and co-founder of ZTRUS, an AI-based automation firm providing advanced automatic data entry services and cognitive technology designed accounting. Panachit is well-known within the tech scene in Thailand. His goal is to improve paper-based processes in corporations and SMEs by offering clients access to advanced technology. The outcome reduces costs and improves productivity which guarantees clients a competitive edge in the market. In the next few years Panachit intends to scale up computational skills education. His hope is also to include people with disabilities in his crowd sourcing modules in order to provide them with more job opportunities online.

Parith Rungsimanond, AI Consultant and Social Entrepreneur

Aiming to help clients better use data, improve operations and create new products and services through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Looloo Technology Company Limited is co-founded by Parith Rungsimanond. With experience in an investment corporation, Looloo is also in the process of building its own products which will transform the Thai hiring system. Parith also founded Carenation in 2019 to engage in the waste aspects of funeral wreaths. “Becoming a first time dad, my biggest challenge is how to ensure my son Rit will grow up to be a good, smart and well-rounded person,” said Parith. 

Ruangroj Poonpol, IT Innovator

Stanford University alumnus Ruangroj Poonpl is the chairman and president of technology of Kasikorn Technology group, as well as the founder of Disrupt Technology and Storm breaker Venture and 500TukTuks. He also worked with Google as a global lead marketing manager of Google Earth and quantitative marketing manager of Google (Asia Regional lead). Before that he was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and an investment manager at a US$1 billion private equity fund. Having been in charge of developing over 400 applications including KPlus, the number one mobile banking in Thailand, he has helped to launch a top 3 start-up accelerators in Southeast Asia, dtac Accelerate.

Saijai Liangpunsakul, IT Enabler

Working in tech as a young woman can be a lot of pressure, as women are under-represented within this industry. Saijai has been discriminated against and criticized but that definitely did not take her down, she stood-strong instead. Saijai Liangpunsakul has given TEDx talks, worked in 15 countries, spoke at the Goethe Institut and even managed to lead a digital rights movement. Currently working at Phandeeyar, an innovation lab initiating the use of technology to stimulate change and development in Myanmar, she has experienced the impact of how the digital revolution has had on the country. Because of this, it inspired her to tackle misinformation issues, digital literacy and responsible technology usage. At Phandeeyar, she also built a diverse team and brought in women to take on managerial positions.

Soravis Srinawakoon, IT Guru

With only 15 full-time employees, Band Protocol, the country’s first unicorn start-up and a top 50 company in the blockchain industry, it has grown significantly in its three years. CEO and co-founder Soravis Srinawakoon aims to decentralise oracle solutions to connect smart contract and decentralised applications to data and APIs outside of blockchain, acting as a bridge between real-world data and blockchain applications. He also runs a charity called Better Off, which builds libraries for children in rural areas of Thailand. 

Supachai “Kid” Parchariyanon, Technology and innovation entrepreneur

Supachai is the co-founder and CEO of RISE, a regional corporate innovation powerhouse with an ambitious mission to boost GDP for Southeast Asia by one per cent. Better known as Dr Kid, he developed and sold the first mobile stock trading application for the Stock Exchange of Thailand. He is proud of having helped drive US$1 billion in economic impact through various initiatives, which is equal to 250,000 jobs generated in the past year.  RISE works closely with leading corporations and government agencies across the region to help them  become more innovative through its corporate accelerator intrapreneur university, venture building services and experiential conferences. Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, Supachai has successfully expanded to a fourth country— Indonesia—after Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.