The Arts

Nakrob Moonmanas’ Room of Requirement

Nakrob Moonmanas is well-known for his collage art that combines classical materials and local motifs. He has a passion for world history, life in the royal courts, myths and the interconnection between cultures in a truly unique style. His illustration work has given him commercial success, but he is most proud of being recognised by the Institut Francais with an invitation to join the residency programme at the Internationale des Arts in Paris. 

The future is unknown, what do you look most forward to? 

I really do look forward to seeing a better version of my country, There are a lot of creative people in Thailand. They are so talented and work so hard. But unfortunately, there are not so many places and support for people who think out of the box in this country.

I hope that the right and freedom to think, and better education, will lead Art/Culture and Creativity in this country to move forward. With this change, people would not think that Art/Culture and Creativity are far from our lives but they are really relevant.  

Do you think you have to adapt your style as time goes on? 

For me, Yes. Time changes everything and I get bored easily. I learn, unlearn and relearn as time goes by. So I would say any adaptation of my own style reflecting in my works is a mark of that process. By the way, some core still remains.

We all see art in a different way/form, giving it a different definition. What’s yours?

I see art as our free space to express our thoughts via our own aesthetic. From this point of view, I enjoy discovering art.

How do you merge your work with modern life? 

Materials of my work are something from the past. I recombine them via contemporary aesthetic by the graphic program. Normally, I publish them on my social media account. By all means. I try to make my work relevant to modern life.

Our lives are filled with technology, and most things being modernized. Do you think there is room for tradition and culture? 

There is still a big room for those kinds of things I think. But it will appear only for one whose eyes would like to see it like Room of Requirement in Harry Potter. Deep in thought, I really believe that culture lays very deep in all of us, in our mind, in our way of doing and thinking. These things influence us and our society. We do not see it, but it does not mean there’s no room for it.